Working Holiday (inglés)

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The Working Holiday Visa will be valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the arrival date into the Chilean territory. This visa allows New Zealanders to travel and work in short-term employment during their stay in Chile. Please note that the Chilean Authorities are unable to assist individuals to gain employment under this Scheme.

Under this Scheme, A New Zealand national will have 90 days to enter Chile, from the date the visa is granted.

To be eligible you must:

(a) Be a New Zealand national who is residing in New Zealand at the time of the application;

(b) Be at least 18 and no more than 35 years old (both inclusive) at the time of application;

(c) Not be accompanied by children;

(d) Have a New Zealand passport valid for at least 6 months after you intend to leave Chile;

(e) Hold a return ticket, or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket (we advise not purchasing any flight tickets before the visa has been granted);

(f) Have a minimum of US$3000 available funds to meet your living costs while you are in Chile. (Evidence of funds will have to be provided, such as bank statements, credit cards statements, travel cheques or money orders);

(g) Provide a police certificate satisfactory to our character requirements;

(h) Provide a medical examination signed by a registered medical practitioner and dated within 30 days prior to date of application. The certificate should specifically confirm you are in good health and are fit for your upcoming travel to Chile and that you are free of any contagious disease;

(i) Hold medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance for 12 months;

(j) Not have been granted a visa under this scheme before; *

(k) Pay a fee of US$ 150 (to be paid in NZD. Check the monthly rate with us). The fee will be payable once the visa has been approved, not before).

(l) Provide 1 passport size photograph (a clear picture with a white background)

(m) Complete and sign attached forms

*The holder of a Working Holiday Visa will not be able to re-apply for a second visa under the same Scheme.