Birth Certificate (of a minor)

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To apply for a birth certificate, the minor must be the descendant of a Chilean citizen (up until the 3rd generation). Kinship must be demonstrated with the birth certificate(s) of the Chilean relative(s).

Required documents:

  1. Full Birth Certificate of the minor to be registered, issued by the United Kingdom.
  2. Valid ID or Passport of Chilean parent(s).
  3. Valid Passport of non-Chilean parent (if applicable).
  4. Marriage Certificate of parents (if applicable)

  • The minor must be present for the consular registration if she or he is over 6 years old.
  • The request must be made by the Chilean mother or father, if the parents are married. If this is not the case, the presence of both parents is required.

    • If the parents are not married, and the non-Chilean parent is absent for any reason at the moment of the registration request, an affidavit stating the aforementioned will be required.

  • If the Chilean parent is deceased, the registration can be requested by the non-Chilean parent, presenting the original Death Certificate.
  • The registration can be requested by the grandparents or a legal guardian of the minor (in the case where the parents are unable to make the request).
  • If the Chilean mother, father or both parents of the minor applying for a birth certificate are born abroad, they must present the birth certificate(s) of the Chilean grandparent(s). In order to demonstrate kinship, the Birth Certificate of the minor applicant’s parent(s) must also be submitted.
  • Cost: 4 £