Certificate Request for Foreign-Born Citizens

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Your options to request a certificate are the following:

1. If you have your CLAVE ÚNICA, you can ask for a certificate directly in the webpage of the Chilean registro civil at www.registrocivil.cl and then you can ask for it to be electronically apostilled at https://apostilla.gob.cl/apostilla/site/artic/20180807/pags/20180807191038.html

2. In case you don't have your clave única you will have to request your certificate in our Consulate in Wellington:

  • PERSONALLY IN WELLINGTON: You need to send an email to [email protected] with the complete form  (you can download it here) a scanned photo of your Chilean ID and the payment of NZ$8 for each certificate. With this information we can give you time and date so you can pick up your documents. For more information please read the form below.
  • IF YOU CAN'T COME TO WELLINGTON: Follow the instructions specified in this form so you can send your request through Courier post.