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Recommendations for Chileans traveling to Copa América 2024

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The Copa America 2024 will be held in the United States between June 20 and July 14. This continental tournament will include the participation of the Chilean national football team.

Fourteen stadiums, located in fourteen cities in the United States, will host the different teams that will compete in the tournament. In the group stage, Chile will face Peru in its first match on Friday, June 21 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington. It will also play at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and at the Inter&Co Stadium in Orlando, Florida. If Chile advances in the championship, La Roja could eventually play in other cities and stadiums.

Therefore, it is essential that Chileans who will travel to the United States know the nearest consulates in case of emergency, as well as the roles the consulates can perform.

What can a consulate do and cannot do?

The Consulate can:

  • Provide provisional travel documents that will allow you to return to Chile, in case you have lost them.
  • Contact your family in case of accident or death.
  • Ensure that due process is followed in case of problems with the law.

The Consulate cannot:

  • Assume the costs of a hospitalization, lawyers, repatriation or other expenses.
  • Lend money, pay tickets or transfers, book hotels or cancel infractions.
  • Intervene in the decisions of the country you are visiting, for example, if they prohibit your entry.

Circumscription of Chilean Consulates in the United States

Contact of Chilean consulates in the United States:

Consulate of Chile in Chicago

Consulate of Chile in Houston

Consulate of Chile in Ángeles

Consulate of Chile in Miami

Consulate of Chile in New York

Consulate of Chile in San Francisco

Consulate of Chile in Washington

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